Holy Land & Jordan 9 days tour

9 DAY TOUR Holy Land & Jordan
DAY 1 – INTO THE LAND OF THE BIBLE: Afternoon touchdown at Amman International Airport. Upon arrival, you will be met and assisted by our agent through customs, then by private motorcoach to your hotel; Dinner and overnight.
DAY 2 – ALONG THE JORDAN VALLEY: We will drive from Amman to Allenby Bridge and cross into Israel. Our agents will assist you with all the necessary formalities. You will continue your drive to Jericho, the Cradle of Civilization. Visit Tel El Sultan, ruins of one of the oldest cities in the world; view Mount of Temptation and proceed to Qumran to visit the site where the Scrolls of the Dead Sea were found. Time is provided for a float on the Dead Sea. Return to Jericho for lunch. Proceed along the Jordan Valley to Beit Shean, the exit of the Jordan River from the Sea of Galilee to Tiberias. Water baptismal service, diner and overnight
DAY 3 – GALILEE: Board a boat to Capernaum: visit the ruins of the city where Jesus started His Ministry and the site of the Synagogue where He was teaching. Proceed to Tabgha, the site of Multiplications of loaves and Fishes. Visit the 4th century mosaics. Drive to the top of the Mount of Beatitudes overlooking the sea and the surrounding area. Lunch in Tiberias where you will enjoy St. Peter’s fish, fresh from the Sea off Galilee. Drive to Cana to visit the site where the first miracle took place. Proceed to Nazareth to visit Mary’s Well and the Church of Annunciation. Return to Tiberias.
DAY 4 – ALL THE PAST YEARS WITH HISTROY: Leave Tiberias to Meggido. Armageddon, a very important strategic point on the Via Maris connecting Egypt and Damascus; It is the city which has witnessed many wars and suffered many destruction throughout the different wars and periods of time. Our belief is that the last battle is going to be on the hill or the plains of Meggido. Visit Haifa, Mt. Carmel is renowned for the contest of Monotheism and Paganism. The prophet Elijah confronted the priests of Baal and confounded them a t Al Muhrakah. Proceed along the Mediterranean and parallel to Mt. Carmel to the beautiful city of Caesarea to visit the ruins of the Crusader’s city surrounded by a moat and a city wall enclosing the ruins of the Roman City. Visit the Roman Theater and proceed to Jerusalem via Samaria to visit Jacob’s Well.
DAY 5 – THE MOUNTAINS OF JERUSALEM AND BETHLEHEM: Mt. of Olives located on the eastern side of the city across Kidron Valley. The summit offers a magnificent view of the Old City, the striking panorama of the Judean hills as far as the Dead Sea. It is the Mount from which Jesus ascended into Heaven, the site where the Lord’s Prayer was taught, and the site where Jesus often came for meditation; an outstanding view of the city and the site of Solomon’s Temple Area. At the foot of the hills is the Garden of Gethsemane and the Church of Agony where Jesus prayed and was betrayed by Judas. Only five miles south Jerusalem, Bethlehem is located. The birth of Jesus rendered this little town immortal, won it a deathless renown and made its name live in the heart of every Christian for the past 2000 years. Visit the Church of Nativity and proceed to visit the Shepherd’s Field and Field of Boaz. Return to hotel for lunch. An afternoon drive to visit Mt. Zion, the site where Jesus ate with His Disciples the Last Supper establishing Holy Communion Service. In the same room the disciples received the Holy Ghost. The tomb of King David is also a traditional Holy Site we visit before proceed to the Knesset, or the House of Parliament. Visit the Shrine of the Book enclosing the Scrolls of the Dead Sea; visit the National Museum. Proceed to the Second Temple at the Holy Land Hotel. Return to hotel.

DAY 6 – THE WILDERNESS OF JUDEA: Half a day Massada is a Herodean fortress built on a top of a camel hump shaped rock dominating the Dead Sea and the surrounding desert; the site where the Zealots held the last foothold before they sacrificed their lives for the liberties. The Roman camps are still surrounding the fortress and the ruins speak for the visitor about the Glory of Massada and of Herod’s works. Return to Jerusalem. Balance of the day at leisure.
DAY 7 – JERUSALEM, THE HOLY LAND CITY: Jerusalem, the Spiritual Capital of the World. Jerusalem standing amid the Judean hills has been chosen by God to be the bulwark of Monotheism. Visit the Garden Tomb and Gordon’s Calvary, the site where Jesus was crucified, buried and resurrected toward. a service can be arranged at the Garden Tomb. Proceed towards the city walls built by Solomon the magnificent enclosing the most Holy Sites. Walk into the city through Damascus Gate and through the picturesque colorful bazaars to the superb Temple area, where Solomon’s Temple was built on Mt. Moriah. Visit the Dome of the Rock enclosing the Rock of Sacrifice. The Mosque of El-Aksa, further south: the Pinnacle of the Temple and the Western Wall or Wailing Wall; back to the hotel for lunch. The Afternoon starts at St. Stephen’s Gate and into the Old City to visit the Church of St. Anne, the Pool of Bethesda, and the Lithostrotos. Pilate’s Judgment Hall, and walk on the Via Dolorosa leading us to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Walk through the Bazaars to David’s Tower and take the bus from Jaffa Gate back to the hotel.
DAY 8 – PETRA, THE RED ROCK CITY: it is considered the eighth wonder of the world. A complete city carved in colored sandstone, rediscovered in 1812. An unforgettable experience on horseback through the narrow canyon, you will enter the Nabatean City of Petra to visit the Treasury, the Theatre, the Palace of Justice and other marvels. Refresh yourself at the fountain of Moses from the fatigue of exploring. Return to hotel in Amman.
DAY 9 – In time to connect with your flight to final destination